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2012 Intergeo Exhibition

CHC attended the 2012 Intergeo Exhibition

Shanghai, China - (October 12th, 2012) - CHC Navigation showcased its GNSS receivers and solutions at the 2012 Intergeo Exhibition, the world largest Geomatics Technologies exhibition, which was held in Hannover, Germany from 9th to 11th, October 2012.

During this event, CHC demonstrated its recently released 220-channel N71GNSS Multi-application GNSS Sensor. The N71GNSS has been raising lot of interest from visitors on the requests of onboard machine GNSS RTK solution and GNSS reference station.

The participation to the 2012 Intergeodemonstrates CHC’scontinuous efforts on international support and global services providing to its resellers and end-users.

About CHC Navigation
CHC Navigation designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of professional GPS/GNSS solutions. Headquartered in Shanghai (China), CHC is a leading GPS/GNSS Chinese manufacturer with a strong international presence and employs more than 500 people worldwide. For more information, visit



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