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New Product - APACHE 5 USV

Shanghai, China - (October 9th, 2017) – CHC today released the availability of the new generation USV - APACHE 5, which is the high-end USV designed for various applications and industries, such as geomorphological surveying and mapping, channel surveying, nuclear radiation measurement, underwater geological exploration and etc.

APACHE 5 launched some exciting features which take previous critical concerns and new demands from practical working conditions into systematical considerations, based on which efficient solutions are taken to make the operations more convenient and performance more reliable.

“To meet various market requirements from bathymetric to other applications, we've been working on the research and development of new functionalities and technologies for few years, after one year pilot testing, now we’re very excited and honored to introduce this new high-end USV to our users.”says George Zhao, CEO of CHC. “The new-generation UAV reinforces our commitment to provide full solutions to users.”

APACHE 8 features in top level specifications:

- Triple-hulled vessel design

- Powerful dynamic system

- Anti-run aground

- High definition web video camera

- High scalability

- Single person operation

- Easily run over nets and waterweeds

- Absolute linear technology