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New Product - M6 GNSS Receiver

Shanghai, China (October 26th, 2017) – CHC announces the availability of their new network GNSS receiver the M6. With the ability to meet a professional network RTK solution, the M6 receiver is the most comprehensive receiver available in the market today. The M6 GNSS receiver brings a new experience sub-centimeter RTK solution to surveyors and contractors everywhere.

One-hand for hold, M6 is one of the lightest GNSS receiver among the world. 127 mm length and 83 mm height makes M6 easy to carry in any kit, box, or even in your bag to setup.

Small but powerful, well designed function provides M6 a strong possibility to solve any tough survey. Compared with other network RTK receivers, M6 contains an internal 3.75G modem which can work not only in NTRIP mode, but also as none-traditional RTK, - called CHC APIS. CHC APIS service requires one RTK base sending correction data to APIS server then rover logging in server and find related base for data. In regions without NTRIP coverage or only provide GPS+GLONASS service, APIS service can greatly enhance your work experience by complete constellation correction. 

The internal 32GB memory of M6 allows user to collect PPK data – as an emergency option – in those areas, where there is no GSM network, or the signal is weak. Additionally an Android based data collector software called CHC Landstar 7 creates a new generation of surveying experience and it takes M6 into a new level daily work.  

“The M6 aims for most professional network RTK industries” said George Zhao, CEO of CHC. “This innovative design will allow us to add new functionality for the next years developing NTRIP service around world. By combining various modules in new ways – this is realized by powerful and easy-use web-page. Interface, - we are bringing GNSS in to a new era of productivity and ergonomics in a low-cost open platform allowing unrestricted third-party integration.”

M6 GNSS Receiver 5 features in top level specifications:

- M6 features best-in-class:

- Top-level network RTK receiver

- 220 channels multi- constellation receiver

- Innovative and rugged design built for harsh environment

- Internal network modem for APIS mode