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CHCNAV Awarded in National Science and Technology

Beijing, China - (January 4, 2018) – The annual National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on January 8th, 2018. The conference unveiled the country’s supreme awards in science and technology fields.  CHC Navigation won two prizes in The National Technology Invention Award (2nd class) and National Science and Technology Progress Award (2nd class), which is generally acknowledged as a great honour.

The National Technology Invention Award, team-worked by CHCNAV and BUPT, is related to marine construction and communication fusion. This project has authorized 134 patents, published 108  SCI/EI papers and formulated 3 international standards. Its results have been used to benefit global marine construction and military industry.  The technologies and products are also exported to overseas markets, consolidating BDS leading status within international competition of  GNSS.

The National Science and Technology Progress Award, cooperated by CHC and SJTU, is about high-precision navigation technology and application. This project focuses on the solutions of high-precision, high-reliability and high-capability questions of BDS application industry. The research results contributed to the 30% growth rate of Shanghai’s navigation industry last year, driving and leading the progress and development of BDS industry.

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