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The Launch of CHC's New Logo and Slogan


In order to facilitate CHC’s international profile and strategy in the future, we have regulated our Corporate Identity System to integrate CHC’s domestic and international profiles. The standardized company visual identity will consistently broadcast CHC’s brand concept to both the internal company and the external public, emphasizing CHC’s core values and outward appearance with the intention of building a better brand image.

The Rationale of Our New Logo

1. The main body features the abbreviation of CHC Navigation – CHCNAV

2. We add the elements of navigation industry to the letter A and achieve a shape modification, which represents 3 ideas: 

      • First of all, A is the first letter of the alphabet, so it reflects CHC’s ambition to be the leader of global high-precision navigation industry. 

      • Secondly, the negative form of the letter A is designed as a position mark, representing our main focus: the high-precision positioning and navigation.

      • Lastly, the letter A's bottom is modified as a curve to symbolize the horizon on the earth, which is related to CHC's main business and international vision.

The Meaning of Our New Slogan “Make Your Work More Efficient”

The new slogan is on the basis of “customer focus”. CHC knows exactly the fundamental purpose for customers to use our products, which is to efficiently manage their time, budget and workloads. Meanwhile, the slogan also emphasizes that CHC must stay updated with the latest technologies and optimize existing operation methods to improve customers’ working efficiency. Therefore, our business always concentrates on assisting our customers with their efficient works, making them save more time, human resources and material resources.