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A GPS Survey rod makes the step easier towards GPS machine Control

In today's world, the age of estimating and guesswork is over. As cord and measure-tape are gradually disappearing from the construction site, more and more companies are considering to invest in GPS-machine control. Most of the time they don’t have the right basics and methods to make accurate design drawings for these systems,  at that time a GPS survey rod could be the perfect tool.

When you want to make an accurate estimate of the volume of material that has to be excavated for basements, foundations and pools,  an affordable, professional and easy to use GPS system would be a good choice. You may use GPS receivers as a base station and this feature transforms a GPS rover into a base station for a more accurate grading with GPS machine control. In another phase, the GPS rover can be used to process gathered information efficiently into a report, to be shared by everyone involved with the construction process.

In addition, A GPS survey rod has various range of applications: excavation of a basement with just a few reference lines, recording the utilities and the corresponding house-connections, making sure how much material is being stocked or recording every cut/fill layer is in existing, excavated and completed state. By learn the process of measuring GPS correctly, you would not only switch to the GPS machine control easier but also have the ability to make better use of the enormous potential of this technology.