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CHC 15th Anniversary: Your Story is Our Journey Episode 2

episode 2.jpg

2018 is the 15th anniversary of CHC Navigation. At the very point, we interviewed several representative customers and listened to their stories with CHC and its products.

Lü Shoushan, the captain of Hongtu outdoor laser-scanning team, described how they benefited from CHC 3D products and services. 

"In recent years, our unit has engaged in the cadastral survey, road reconstruction and road expansion projects in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Fujian, Hubei, Jiangsu, Henan and other places. These projects need the support of professional measuring equipment. For example, in the cadastral survey, there are detailed requirements on the land area, boundaries and locations; and of course, the more precise and accurate measuring results are desired. Therefore, we have selected the multi-platform laser radar provided by CHC to complete the 3D laser scanning work. Compared to the previous equipment, such technical model can greatly improve the measuring efficiency and reduce the surveying/mapping cost per unit area. Most importantly, it is cost-effective, as the saying goes 'easy-to-use and affordable'."

"At the very beginning, we just wanted to 'have a try', but now we have entirely trusted CHC products. In addition to numerous advantages, CHC also provides courteous services. CHC staff always keep in touch with us actively. They focus on communication from data settlement to custom software development and respond quickly to meet our needs. They are even on call at all times for the field debugging, no matter where or how far we are. Last year, we purchased three sets of CHC multi-platform laser radar, and we plan to buy more this year. Otherwise, we cannot satisfy the demands of numerous projects. As a regular customer of CHC, we trust CHC products and services that make us rest assured."

CHC 3D products will be coming soon. Please stay tuned to our media channels!