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CHC 15th Anniversary: Your Story is Our Journey Episode 3

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2018 is the 15th anniversary of CHC Navigation. At the very point, we interviewed several representative customers and listened to their stories with CHC and its products.

Shen Tao, an agricultural machinery driver in Chongming, Shanghai, told us about a revolution that CHC brought to his working method.

"I am a farmer, and all our ancestors were farmers who always worked hard in the field during daytime and rested at night. I never thought that one day I could do farm works with GNSS satellites in the sky."

"When it was in my grandfather's generation, all farm works from planting to harvesting must be completed by hands and feet. Later, with the application of agricultural machines, our working efficiency was improved, but it still took a long time to train and cultivate a qualified driver. Otherwise, the unfamiliar operations would result in land waste, damages to seedlings and loss of harvest. Moreover, farm works were still tiring, not to mention the uncertain farming quality at night."

"Whereas now, a great change is happening since our agricultural machines equipped with CHC automatic navigation products. Without manual handling, the automatic control system can navigate the aligning operation in a proper direction, which enables us to finish farm works very well while chatting and listening to songs. The outcomes of works are perfect with straight wheel paths and precise turnings, and the quality of performance stays the same at night. I never believed farm works could be that simple and easy for it only took me 15 minutes to master the whole operation."

"With the application of CHC automatic driving products, we can easily finish massive farm works with high quality in a short period, which makes farming a pleasure for old farmers like me."

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