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An Integrated GLONASS-Beidou Navigation System Is On the Way


(April 1, 2018) According to the reports from Izvestia daily, a Russia based newspaper, Moscow and Beijing will join hands in May to talk about integrating the separate navigation systems that they own respectively: GLONASS and Beidou (BDS). 

The initiative of this plan is an outcome of the official proposal from China to Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos). It is aiming at providing countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization a joint navigation satellite system in the international wide. Once the project is complete, member states will be able to share positioning data on the merged navigation satellite groups, enhance working efficiency on a real-time basis, and provide necessary corrections for exchange. 

Moreover, China just matured its Beidou navigation system by launching the 30th and 31st Beidou satellites earlier on March 30, moving closer to the 35 quantity which enables the system to provide global services. On the basis of this followed news, it is believed that this cooperation will significantly broaden the user bases of both GLONASS and Beidou, improve the accuracy for both systems, and establish the second integrated global navigation system after the existing GPS-Galileo.

CHC Navigation has a wide range of products that are compatible with multi-constellation signals (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou), and we will always keep staying focused on any changes of global navigation industry, offering our customers up-to-date products and services to make their works more efficient.