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CHC Landslide Warning System

Project Background

CHC automated monitoring system for geological hazards provides scientists, engineers, and disaster monitors with real-time, invaluable information on buildings or natural disaster early warning. This system frees the operators from carrying on the time-consuming work such as post-processing and result analyzing. Meanwhile, it displays the deformation quantity in the real-time, which significantly prolongs the early warning duration and reduces the loss of life and property.


Technical Advantages

The early warning system of Zhouqu landslide was built on the landslide body of Zhouqu County Suoertou village in Gansu Province, China. GPS surface displacement, internal inclinometer, crack meter, seepage pressure meter, TDR and other sensors in one integrated monitoring system, can conduct a real-time collection of data from the sensors, transmission to the monitoring and warning platform, and according to the set alarm coefficients, alarming in real-time. 



Started from October 2011 and lasted for nearly a year, the project department overcame a series of difficulties and completed the construction and installation of the Zhouqu landslide project monitoring facility in September 2012. Combined with six kinds of monitoring methods, the project includes the establishments of :

-14 landslide monitoring stations, 

-41 GPS surface displacement monitoring stations (including two reference stations), 

-9 inclinometer and osmotic pressure internal monitoring stations, 

-17 crack monitoring stations, 

-2 water Weir Water monitoring stations, 

-1 TDR deep monitoring stations, 

-and 1 set of section monitoring stations at Shuileigou.


To ensure the project quality in the Zhouqu project implementation process, we strictly followed the related requirements from ISO9001 quality management system:

(1) Cargo introspecting

(2) After the first approval of construction, installation

(3) Construction introspecting

(4) Irregular sampling by the leading group

(5) Conduct the acceptance test for construction steps and complete the acceptance material in time