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LandStar 7.3.0 Release Note

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New Features

1. Multiple code function

Add the possibility to assign multiple codes on a point when a point is part of different features. One point can have a single point code and multiple polylines or polygon codes. This specific point will be assigned to the different features by geometrical relationship and time tag.

2. New import and export formats

Add the support of KMZ and KML files as base maps and the export of survey results as KMZ file. Features including pictures can be viewed when opening the KMZ file on Google Earth. Import of SIM file is also available on Japanese interface.

3. New geoid file format

Add support of BYN geoid file.

4. New projection type

Add support of oblique stereographic projection.

5. Active map

Active map enhances the review of selected features on the active map by displaying details, staking out points, polylines, arc and alignments, computing inverse between two points, deleting features, etc.

LandStar 7.3.0 Optimized Functions

1. Optimize the software registration process. Permanent registration is process immediately after inputting pre-registration codes. Temporary codes are limited one time 3 months period.

2. Optimize DXF export by allowing the edit of symbols and codes of exported DXF file in AutoCAD software. The unit of DXF file has been changed to follow the unit of the project.

3. Optimize WMS map. WMS maps can be viewed either offline or online.  Sub layers of WMS maps can be set in the Display settings.

LandStar 7.3.0 Improvements

1. Survey tasks within geoid file coverage are fully operational.

2. Stop generating CRD file while receiving RTCM 1021-1024 messages.

3. When the import of 3D DXF file is not successful, a message “Import failed!” will be displayed.

4. Erroneous display of exported SHP file Quantum GIS is fixed.

5. Allow full stakeout of features imported as DXF or KML file.

6. Improve the GNSSTOOL simulation mode

7. Fix the issue of ARN when switching coordinate systems in X8.

GNSS Receiver Recommendation

1. CHC i80 (firmware version 1.5.67)

2. CHC i70 (firmware version 1.5.67)

3. CHC M6 (firmware version 1.5.67)

4. CHC X91+ (firmware version 8.39)

5. Android smartphone and handheld controller with internal GPS

6. Peripheral instruments such as generic NMEA0183 receivers, pipeline detectors (VIVAX-METROTECH vLocPro2) and laser rangefinders (Leica DISTO D810 touch)

Data Collector Recommendation

1. CHC HCE300

2. CHC LT600 series (LT600U and LT600T)

3. Android devices (operating system is v4.2 and above)


1. To download LandStar 7, please click the link below:


2. To download LandStar 7 Help, please click the link below: