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CHC Facilitates the “2018 International Workshop on BeiDou Technology and Its Application”

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Dalian, China (September 3, 2018) - The 2018 International Workshop on BeiDou Technology and its Application organized by the National Remote Sensing Center of China is held from September 3 to 21 in Dalian Maritime University. Workshop attendees are mainly technical experts in GNSS technologies and applications from all over the world.

"The main purpose of this workshop is to make people from different horizons having deeper understandings of BeiDou applications in their own countries or regions," said Wang Qi'an, head of the National Remote Sensing Center of China. "I hope that all the trainees of the workshop could take it as an opportunity to develop friendships and cooperation, contributing to the construction of 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road and the sharing of research achievements.”

As a leading developer of BeiDou positioning and navigation technologies, CHC was invited to dispatch lecturers for the 19-day workshop to present latest BeiDou professional solutions. CHC experts, led by Vice General Manager Henry Gu, conducted several presentations to introduce BeiDou based reference station and deformation monitoring applications and demonstrated CHC GNSS receivers’ performances to the international trainees.

The annual International Workshop on BeiDou Technology and Its Application plays an important role in promoting the coverage and spread of China's BeiDou navigation system internationally with a special focus on developing countries within China's One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. Over the years, CHC Navigation has proactively responded to the calling of OBOR, providing high-precision GNSS equipment, GIS, UAV, Mobile Mapping and Precision Farming to the infrastructure construction in OBOR countries.