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CHC Navigation introduces 3 major Innovative Solutions for GNSS RTK, Machine Control and 3D Mobile Mapping at INTERGEO 2018.

INTERGEO 2018 (Frankfurt, Germany) - October 16th, 2018.  CHC Navigation introduces the Alpha3D Mobile Mapping, GRADE & DIRT Machine Control and the i50 GNSS RTK solutions at the INTERGEO 2018 trade fair. 


Alpha3D – Mobile Mapping Solution 

CHC Navigation offers to geospatial professionals the Alpha3D, a premium high-performance, vehicle-independent mobile mapping solution to capture mass data in continuously changing world environments on dynamics, enabling them to get work done quickly and more accurately to increase their ROI. The Alpha3D combines state-of-the-art high-performance hardware, such as long-range, ultra-high speed, precise laser scanner, high-resolution HDR panoramic camera in combination with advanced GNSS receiver and high precision IMU, in one instrument with lightweight and compact but in same time rugged design.  

Dirt & Grade – Machine Control Solution 

AMW Solutions (a US based subsidiary of CHC Navigation) introduces its newly developed GRADE and DIRT products. GRADE allows field workers and supervisors to view layered maps including design files, topo or Google Maps for locating elevations and topographical features. GRADE makes it easy to collect accurate topographic data on any jobsites by simply walking or driving the applicable area. AMW Solutions DIRT combines GRADE mapping functionality with automatic blade control for skid steer, scraper, grader, or dozer applications, for rough and fine land shaping activities on large or compact equipment.

i50 GNSS – RTK Surveying Solution

The i50 GNSS RTK receiver brings speed and accuracy in one easy-to-use GNSS solution to complete surveying and construction projects efficiently. Combined with CHC LandStar 7 field software, the i50 GNSS is a cost-effective surveying solution for construction positioning tasks.  

About CHC Navigation 

CHC Navigation is a GNSS positioning technology and products company who went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in March 2017. CHC Navigation is in its 15th year as a leading innovator of GNSS technology and solutions. As a publicly-listed company, it currently has a market cap of approximately $1 billion and is quickly becoming a global leader in High Accuracy Satellite Positioning Solutions through innovative solutions and support. CHC Navigation and CHCNAV are trademarks of Shanghai Huace Navigation Technology Ltd. 

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