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AMW Solutions Announces Availability of PIPE and DITCH Machine Control Products


Grand Rapids, Michigan – November 19, 2018 – AMW Machine Control Solutions Inc. (“AMW Solutions”), is pleased to announce the introduction of its new AMW PIPE™ and AMW DITCH™ machine control solutions focused primarily on the agricultural market with functionality for the construction market. These products are ideal for agricultural water management applications where automatic drainage-tile installation and land shaping for waterways is required. Each of these new machine control solutions are user-friendly and run on an Android™ operating system and CHC Navigation GNSS hardware.


AMW PIPE is an automated tile plow control solution that adds GNSS based machine control to most tile plows, whether towed or fixed to the tractor.  Utilizing a design file, AMW PIPE automatically controls tile plow depth and tile pipe slopes to minimize the installation depth of drainage tiling or utilities and to ensure rate-of-flow design objectives are met. AMW PIPE also records actual tile placement in real time, enabling as-built record keeping and facilitating future tile relocation.  AMW PIPE uses Vertical Curve Technology (VCT)™ to design sub surface pathways that minimizes needed depth while achieving desired flow rates.

AMW DITCH™ is an automated ditcher and scraper control solution. Also used in water management applications, this product is ideal for surface ditch construction utilizing a scraper, blade or ditching machine.  It automatically controls depth and slope of above ground drainage design.  AMW DITCH is easy to use and flexible.  It can follow a design file done in AMW’s optional WATERCOURSE™ CAD design tool, or by driving the terrain utilizing a GNSS receiver from low to high ground or vice versa.  Users can easily set depth and slope parameters and AMW DITCH will use GNSS RTK to accurately control the earth moving equipment.  AMW DITCH will always minimize ditch depth and earth movement, saving both time and money, while achieving optimal surface water flow.

Both AMW PIPE and AMW DITCH also support topographical map creation by driving the terrain with a GNSS receiver installed to your vehicle and/or by layering a geo-referenced yield map, Google map, satellite image, aerial photo or other user defined maps to identify water ponding areas and drainage strategies for drainage planning.  Topo Map and other map overlays input into AMW WATECOURSE CAD design tool, will allow the user to design a complete water management plan for the entire area of concern.

“We have made the new AMW PIPE and AMW DITCH solutions to include the most popular features our customers have asked for, without the need for upgrade options.  These single version systems are all you will need to get the job done”, says Mark Williams, Director of Product Management and founder of AMW.  “We are also confident that our customers will enjoy the simplicity of our Android based solutions.  Ease of use has been built in from the start”, Williams added. 

About AMW Machine Control Solutions Inc.

A US based subsidiary of CHC Navigation, located near Grand Rapids, Michigan, the AMW Solutions team combine their many years’ experience in the construction and agriculture industries as well as with extensive GNSS Survey technologies, applying their user knowledge to create innovative and robust products at competitive prices that result in great user experiences and enhanced productivity.  AMW Solutions understands that it takes reliable products, great service and dedicated support to build the confidence in their dealers and equipment users.


CHC Navigation is a GNSS positioning technology and products company who went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in March 2017.  CHC Navigation is in its 15th year as a leading innovator of GNSS technology and solutions. As a publicly-listed company, it has a market cap of approximately US$1 billion and is quickly becoming a global leader in High Accuracy Satellite Positioning Solutions through innovative solutions and great support. CHC Navigation and CHCNAV are trademarks of Shanghai Huace Navigation Technology Ltd.


Android is a trademark of Google LLC.


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