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CHC X91+

X91+ GNSS is a compact GNSS receiver designed for high accuracy and productivity even in harsh environments.

● 220 channels multi-constellation receiver

● Compact and rugged design for demanding field

● Outstanding RTK initialization and centimeter level position accuracy

● Built-in network and UHF modem

● Optional TRx UHF

Easy-to-use, efficient and intuitive work flow, designed for advanced network RTK survey, compact and rugged, X91+ is the perfect choice for demanding survey applications.

X91+ is fully integrated by GNSS engine, antenna, Bluetooth communication, UHF and network modem in one single unit makes your daily work simple.

By combining decades of positioning and surveying, X91+ GNSS is one of the most powerful GNSS RTK solutions, with no compromise with quality but at an affordable price for every surveyor.