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CHC Geomatics Office Software

The CHC Geomatics Office Software (CGO) is a desktop application software for post-processing all current GNSS Data (GPS, GLONASS and BDS). Designed for static, stop&go and Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) applications, CGO also supports various raw data formats from major brands to allow a seamless integration with existing pool of equipments.

Key Features

●  Scalable - Process Static, Stop & Go and PPK project sseamlessly

  Powerful - Combine GPS, GLONASS and BDS raw data processing

  Compatibility - Supports GNSS raw data of major brands

  Automated Quality Control - Ensure there reliability and quality of GNSS RTK observations

Powerful GNSS Data Post-processing Solution

  Post-Process Static and Kinematic GNSS Surveys

  Support GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou data

  Multiple raw data import: RINEX, Compressed RINEX CHC *.HCN, Trimble *.DAT, *.RT17, *.RT27, *.BD9, OEM4 *.NOV, Leica *.LB2, *.MDB, DS.*, Ashtech B*.*, TOPCON *.TPS, Java *.JPS

  Quality control threshold during the GNSS raw data import process

  Various reports: Baseline, network adjustment, loop closure… 

  Multiple Export information: baseline file (*.TXT, *.ASC) and LOG File 

  Customized report setting to provide both adequate and comprehensive information

  Advanced feature using Precise Ephemeris downloading and processing

  Create projects with a wide selection of coordinate systems and height fitting options

  Support least squares network adjustment