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CHC LandStar 7

LandStar 7 is our latest field-proven software solution for Android. Designed for high precision survey and mapping tasks for daily work. Providing easy-to-use and easy-to-learn graphical user interface with simple operation.

Key Features

● Real-time mapping
● Easy to record GIS attributes
● Innovative road function
● Quick code linework
● Pre-defined work modes
● Designed for Android devices
● Feature-rich COGO tools
● OSM, BING, WMS, DXF, TIF, SHP and SIT supported

Mainly Functions

● Support various online maps and base maps while surveying.
● Be able to collect GIS attributes while surveing points, lines and polygons.
● Support station, slope, structure stakeout, and section survey in road module.
● Support quick code for easier surveying different features simultaneously.
● Support static, RTK and PPK measurement.
● Support topographic PT, control PT, quick PT, continuous PT, offset PT, compensation PT and corner PT survey methods.
● Support snapping feature point, polyline, arc and circle from DXF files or SHP files for staking out directly.
● Be able to use Grid/Geoid file (GGF, BIN, GRD, GSF, GRI and ASC formats).
● Support using 1021-1027 RTCM transformation messages.
● Support presetting common work modes of base and rover.
● Support easily repeating correction data to other rovers via radio.

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