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CHC LandStar 7

LandStar 7 is our latest field-proven software solution for Android. Designed for high precision surveying and mapping tasks for your daily work. Provides seamless work mode management, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn graphical user interface with simple operation. Extensive data import/export formats, multiple types of measurement and stakeout methods ensure instant productivity.

Key Features

●  Powerful Graphical Surveying - Supports both online OSM/BING map and base map (DXF, SHP, TIF, SIT and WMS) while surveying. It’s also possible to snap feature point, polyline, arc and circle from DXF files or SHP files for staking out directly.

●  Customizable GIS Attributes Collection - Enables to collect GIS attributes while surveying points, lines and polygons. Not only basic attributes (such as name, description, coordinates, picture, voice and video), but also other attribute fields can be created as users need.

●  Innovative Road Function - Supports station, section, slope and structure stakeout and data check. It’s able to both manually input road elements and import road file which can be converted from LandXML file for staking out.

●  Convenient Work Mode Management - Supports presetting common work modes of base and rover, selecting or switching work modes by one button push. Users won’t need additional steps to configure work mode while surveying. The streamline user interface is designed for easily operating with your fingers.

●  Multiple Geoid/Grid Shift File Formats - Enables to use Geoid undulation file (GGF, BIN, GRD, GSF, GRI and ASC formats) and also Grid shift file (GRD format).

●  Various Types of Stakeout - Supports point stakeout, line stakeout, surface stakeout and road stakeout. Users can snap feature point (e.g. endpoint, midpoint, intersection, perpendicular, center and tangent), polyline, arc and circle from DXF/SHP files for staking out directly.

●  Quick Code Display - Tick to show quick code menu in Map interface. Surveying different features simultaneously is much easier by choosing quick code, and the panel size can be customized to match your fingers.

●  Correction Repeater Function - Supports easily repeating correction data from RTK network or radio mode to other rovers via radio, which can save money and expand operation distance.

●  Various Types of Measurement - Supports static, real-time kinematic (RTK) and post-processed kinematic (PPK) measurement. The methods of point measurement include topographic point, control point (Support i80 receiver with the firmware of v1.4.24 and above, ARM based receiver of v8.35 and above), quick point, continuous point, offset point, compensation point and corner point.

●  RTCM Transformation Message - Supports using RTCM transformation messages (1021-1027) for datum transformation, projection, automated grid position and geoid adjustments.

●  Extensive Data Import and Export Formats - Supports CSV, DAT, TXT, DXF, SHP, CGO and NCN as the import format, CSV, DAT, TXT, KML, DXF, SHP, RAW, HTML as the export format. Contents of CSV, DAT, TXT can be customized by users.

●  Convenient Firmware Update - Supports firmware update via WIFI connection in Device Info interface.

●  Customizable Layer Display - Supports simultaneously display of points name, code and height.

●  Real-time Global TEC Map -  Supports a built-in global TEC map with updating every 10 minutes.

●  Three Connection Types - Supports three different connection types, Bluetooth, WIFI and demonstration modes.

●  Smart E-manual - Embedded e-manual is available. 

●  RAW File Recording - Supports to write RAW files. Users can review information like the operation procedures , as well as transfer RAW files into third party surveying software.

●  Navigation Stakeout - Supports real-time display of direction, distance and elevation difference, three different tolerances are available to be set with different degree of urgency sound prompts.

●  Measurement Geofencing - Remind you once your position goes out of the boundary to ensure user’s work being limited in a predetermined area.

●  Site Calibration Quality Control - Enables to use automatic reminders when the error of site calibration results is too large, preventing wrong corrections to be applied.

●  Multi-language Interface - Supports Bulgarian, Croatian, English, Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spannish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.

●  Cloud - Supports upload/download projects, CRS, work mode, .etc.

●  Landscape Mode - Designed for tablet devices.

Supported Equipment List

Field Hardware Support

Supports CHC legacy receiver (ARM based) with the firmware version of v8.35 and above.

Supports CHC newest smart i80 GNSS receiver with the firmware version of v1.3.42 and above.

Supports internal GPS of any Android smartphone or handheld controller which Android operating system is v4.2 and above.

Supports many types of peripheral instruments such as generic NMEA0183 receivers.

Data Collection Hardware

LandStar 7 used with CHC HCE300 is the most compatible way, it can also be used with CHC LT600 series or other Android devices of v4.2 and above.

LandStar 7 with HCE300 comes with permanent FREE support, which mainly through email and Skype support (8:30am–5:30pm GMT+8). While on a support plan, you also receive free service packs and upgrades of HCE300 as they become available.