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Designed for seamless integration, the CHC N71 is a powerful multi-application GNSS sensor which delivers state-of-the-art positioning features in a rugged enclosure.

Key Features

●  220 channels for unmatched GNSS tracking performance

●  Ethernet, Serial and USB support

●  Convenient HTTP interface and configuration

●  Binary compatibility with industry leaders

●  Multiple data formats

●  Powerful remote configuration and access

●  Ultra-rugged case with multiple mounting options

The CHC N71 GNSS sensor provides a cost-effective answer to demanding applications such as geodetic reference station, academic research, precision agriculture RTK network, deformation monitoring, centimeter accuracy RTK sensor for marine survey, dredging or any GPS/GNSS machine guidance when high performances and reliability are required.

Outstanding GNSS Performances

The N71 offers outstanding performances with proven and innovative GNSS functionality. The future proof multi-constellation tracking feature increases availability in obstructed sky conditions such as construction sites in urban areas while securing RTK accuracy. The very low noise GNSS carrier phase measurement and low level elevation tracking technology make the N71 a powerful reference station solution. 

Versatile and rugged

The N71 innovative design integrates a built-in 220-channel GNSS core and optional UHF and GSM/GPRS modules in one single rugged aluminum enclosure. Numerous data formats and output messages can easily be configured to fit into existing GNSS equipment pool.

Exceptional Performances to Price Ratio

CHC N71 is the most affordable high-end multi-applications GNSS sensor solutions for demanding system integrators and RTK network providers.