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CHC Precision Positioning Service Software (CPS) Web is a web application software for convenience of NTRIP administrator and end users. Various can be provided by different roles division.

Key Features

● Operation, maintenance and service all in one platform 

● Customization service package for RTK/RTD and static data 

● Real-time data quality inquire

● Online payment and offline as well 

Powerful CORS Operation & Management System

● Online service application: subscription for RTK/RTD corrections and static data.

● Various service packages supported: yearly/quarterly/monthly/daily and by data size is also available.

● Online and offline payment for service subscription.

● Real-time monitoring of reference stations and user device position on Google map.

● Inquiring or downloading users’ moving track.

● Accurate online billing system, each company knows its consumption and the balance.

● Static data downloading from web service.

● Online post-processing.

● Customization by NTRIP administrators for login page background picture, website name and approval progress workflow.

● NTRIP system inspection logs for system maintenance.

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