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CHC D230

D230 is CHC new generation echo sounder which is small, portable and high accuracy. The innovative design makes hydrographic survey easier and more productive.

Key Features

● Small and portable

● Frequency: 200 KHz

● Easy to connect with computer and GPS receiver

● Flexible power supply options, 12 V DC and 220 V AC

● Gain controls through software, automatically adjust parameters

● High anti interference can filter the second echo automatically

Portable Echo Sounder

Sounding accuracy is ±0.01 m + 0.1% x D ( D is the depth of water), detection range: 0.3 m - 300 m, 0.3 m minimum detection range can carry out shallow water survey perfectly.

Modular design, easy for testing and repair, reserved interface for secondary development and upgrade. One-touch operation, easy to operate.

Advanced water-depth analysis software, filter the secondary echo automatically, professional depth-keeping configuration, ensure the correct result by eliminating the interference of noise.

Options like gain, power, detection range and gear, are adjusted automatically.



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