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The CHC P540V series UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) adopts hyper stable hovering, automatic measurement and control system. By using modern, compact design and special materials, the P540V not only can provide high precision positioning with GPS, but also possesses various characteristics, like flying smoothly, hovering stably, flexible, low noise...

Key Features

●  Fix point return, support emergency “Auto Go Home” function, fear no lost under any condition

●  High efficiency servo system, take emergency measures in advance when necessary, protect integrity of data and equipment

●  Optimized PID adjusting algorithm, support hovering and six axis stability, fully support static shot

●  High Precision navigation, support flight according to customized route

●  Support night flying, highly improve work efficiency

Benefit from its smart design, low cost, simple operation and wide applicability, the P540V can tremendously improve working efficiency and quality in the application of GIS industry, even in the situation require night work or hostile environment that traditional methods may not be competent.

Easy to Operate

The P540V can fly by remote control or can realize autopilot flight depending on the unique flight planning system. With the introduction of 2.0B CAN bus system, excellent control algorithm and AAHRS (Attitude, Height and Heading Reference System), which integrated multiple high-precision sensors, such as accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, the operation of P540V becomes much simpler that even a beginner can learn how to control within a short time.

Flexible Replacement of Airborne Equipment

Based on the modular design, the P540V can flexibly replace the airborne equipment to meet the requirement of different tasks. The ability to carry from high resolution digital camera, video camera to high end thermal infrared imaging camera, also the customized equipments, such as air sampling device, aerial delivery equipment and air cleaning device, makes the P540V an ideal choice for various tasks and applications.

Safety Protection Design

The P540V has excellent safety system that it can hover itself in the air automatically as soon as the operation of remote control is stopped. If the signal of remote control cannot be received within 30 seconds or the battery capacity is low, the P540V will slowly land to the ground by itself.




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