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CHC i70

i70 is one of the most cost-effective smart GNSS receiver selected by large number of surveyors for its outstanding performances and reliability.

Key Features

• Cost-effective, high performance RTK receiver
• Innovative and rugged design built for harsh environment
• 128 × 64 dpi sunlight readable LCD panel
• Internal TRx UHF
• 3.75G network modem
• RTK data forwarding
• Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi communication
• Dual hot-swappable batteries
• 32 GB internal memory

i70 leverages the latest GNSS technology by integrating 120 channels with field software dedicated to topographic and construction surveying.

i70 incorporates dual hot-swappable batteries, allowing continuous uninterrupted work. Integrated 3.75G network modem, TRx UHF module, E-bubble, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity provides seamless solution in field. High resolution LCD panel also exploits new method for surveyors to check receiver working states. All these features integrated into a small, ergonomic package allows the most productive day of a surveyor.



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