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M6 GNSS receiver is a new-generation high end GNSS network receiver designed for RTK field survey.

Key Features

● High end network rover solution
● 3.75G network modem
● Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi communication
● 220 channels multi-constellation receiver
● 32 GB internal memory

Integrated powerful GNSS engine, M6  performs top-level GNSS satellite tracking and positioning capacity. GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BDS supports M6 seamless working in every corner around the world.

Various modules provide the most professional and convenient solution in network RTK mode. Bluetooth and WiFi modules enable an easy and quick access in field even with your smart phone for setting or data download. Internal 3.75G network modem offers not only general NTRIP service but also CHC APIS method like traditional RTK with one base and one rover to cover no NTRIP service region.

Compatible with field data collection software running on Android OS, M6 is the best choice for a future-proof GNSS receiver leaving you more options at present or in the future.



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