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M5 GNSS receiver is one of the most cost-effective solution selected by large number of surveyors for its outstanding performances and reliability.

Key Features

• 384 channels multi-constellation receiver
• Multiple frequency for GPS, GLONASS and BDS
• Integrated network, UHF modem and Bluetooth
• Compact and rugged design
• Cost-effective GNSS RTK 

With Outstanding 384 channels multi-constellation tracking, M5 supports GPS, GLONASS and BDS for obstructed sky conditions to guarantee RTK accuracy and reliability in field.

Perfect compatibility with Android based field surveying software LandStar 7 provides a epoch-making experience for various and flexible working industries.

M5 innovative design integrates a built-in GNSS core, multi-constellation antenna, Bluetooth communication, RX UHF data link and network modules in one single receiver.

M5 GNSS receiver brings extremely affordable GNSS RTK solution to surveyors without high cost.



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