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APACHE 5 is integrated with intelligent water navigation robot technology, topographic survey technology, provides a smart, unmanned, integrated, motorized and networked measurement solutions.

Key Features

• Triple­-hulled vessel
• Light ship­body, less than 10 kg
• Internal high sensitivity inertial navigation system
• Adjustable speed, up to 5 m/s
• Counter rotating dual propellers technology
• High flexibility to carry different sensors
• Equipped with high definition web video camera
• Long endurance for at least 6 h or 12 h optional

APACHE 5 is widely used for geomorphological survey and mapping, channel survey, underwater geological exploration, etc. The system can reduce personal security risks, improve the felxibility and efficiency of underwater monitoring as well as hydrographic survey.

Digital radio and high definition web video camera are standard equipped. Meanwhile, APACHE 5 can carry the single or multi-beam, side-scan sonars, GNSS receiver for optional.

APACHE 5 can collect data in local storage from multiple equipments in real time. The triple-hulled adopts anti-corrosion sealing technology which can apply to different kinds of mission environment. It will navigate autonomously to finish the task in accordance with mission plan.




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