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APACHE 5 is integrated with intelligent water navigation robot technology, topographic survey technology, provides a smart, unmanned, integrated, motorized and networked measurement solutions.

Key Features

● Triple­-hulled vessel
● Light ship­body, less than 10 kg
● Internal high sensitivity inertial navigation system
● Adjustable speed, up to 5 m/s
● Counter rotating dual propellers technology
● High flexibility to carry different sensors
● Equipped with high definition web video camera

APACHE 5 is widely used for geomorphological survey and mapping, channel survey, underwater geological exploration, etc. The system can reduce personal security risks, improve the felxibility and efficiency of underwater moni-toring as well as hydrographic survey.

Digital radio and high definition web video camera are standard equipped. Meanwhile, APACHE 5 can carry the single or multi-beam, side-scan sonars, GNSS receiver for optional.

APACHE 5 can collect data in local storage from multiple equipments in real time. The triple-hulled adopts anti-corrosion sealing technology which can apply to different kinds of mission environment.  It will navigate autonomously to finish the task in accordance with mission plan.



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