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NX200 is a CHC high-end AG solution designed for various applications and industries such as auto-steering, ditching, ridging, seeding, inter-tillage, etc.

Key Features

● ±2.5 cm lateral deviation accuracy for auto steering

● Multiple work modes (AB line, equidistant curve, adaptive curve, circular curve, Z-line)

● Graphical display of movement

● One system for versatile functions 

● Diversified operating system support

● Multi-functional and friendly interactive AG software

NX200 Control Box

● Highly integrated inertial navigation, GNSS and control unit modules.

● Industrial aerospace materials, dust and water proof.

● High functional expandability such as seeding monitor and dispatch monitor.

Hydraulic Valve

● High-precision proportional hydraulic valve.

● Universal hydraulic valve, suitable for all open center, and closed center hydraulic system

● Wide range of hydraulic flow, suitable for a variety of models.

LCD Screen

● 7" TFT LCD panel, LED backlight.

● Four-wire resistive touch, responsive, easy to operate.

● Industrial anti-glare coating surface, solid and reliable, touching without leaving traces.


● Dual antenna with GPS/GLONASS/BDS/Galileo for gaining high-quality POS data.

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