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X900U GPS+GLONASS+BDS system is designed to enable every surveyor to access to high precision, robust performances and reliable technology but without the typical price constraints usually associated with GNSS investment. 

Key Features

● 384 channels GPS + GLONASS + BDS precision static GNSS receiver in a cost-effective package
● Provide network rover solution

● Easy to use “Single Button” operation for static recording
● High-speed USB data download for ensuring desktop compatibility
● Integrated rugged design for every day intensive use

X900U GPS matches a wide range of applications requiring static positioning. Multiple frequency support with GPS, GLONASS and BDS enable X900U to break the price barrier for cm accuracy positioning and provides a swift return on investment compared to equivalent GNSS technology or traditional optical survey equipment.

X900U compact design of 179 mm × 84 mm (7.0 in × 3.3 in) with less than 1.4 kg (49 oz) makes it an easy-to-carry GNSS receiver for daily field work.

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