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Strong and powerful, the multifunctional P3DT GNSS receiver delivers an outstanding performance in many environments and for many applications. 

Hardware Description

With a dual antenna design, and 220 channels for multi-constellation data including L-Band signal, as well as up to 50 Hz output frequency and multiple communica-tion module, the operation of the P3DT is safe and easy.

The dual antenna P3DT GNSS receiver provides advanced solutions for many demanding industries, such as machine control, auto steering, deformation monitoring, precision farming, vehicle, and maritime applications.

Core Technology

Environmental Robustness
With its professional design, the P3DT has significantly reduced the maintenance costs due to less downtime needed for checking and service work, as well as saved the energy spent on protection mechanisms.

L-Band PPP
Compatible with Trimble RTX and Fugro OmniSTAR, the P3DT can also be a maritime DGNSS receive, as well as a rover station.

Rich Communication Module
With integrated 3G network module and CHC UHF radio module, the P3DT saves on costs for network and radio communications. In addition, dual RS232 ports allow for simultaneous data input and output, required by many applications.

Open to Various Application
With up to 50 Hz output frequency and millimeter level post processing accuracy, the P3DT can play an important role in DGNSS navigation applications, as well as for machine control and monitoring.

Position & Attitude
With its strong GNSS engine and dual antenna design, the P3DT can provide users with position as well as attitude information at the same time.

Standard Data Format
The P3DT supports standard NMEA 0183 and RT17, RT27 data format, making it easy to integrate with 3rd party systems. Users can also customize the data format according to their needs.

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