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CHC Geomatics Office Software (CGO) 2.0
Software Description

CHC Geomatics Office Software (CGO) 2.0 is a powerful office software, designed for engineers as an integrated platform to make a link between field and office workflow from multiple sensors and generating rich deliverables.

Core Technology

More Processing Modules

Users can process massive fieldwork data in one software. Process data with Static, PPK, PPP algorithms in the GNSS module. Edit surveyed features and use PPK post-processing results to correct field coordinates in the RTK module. Check and input designed road elements for road stakeout in the Road module, and get corrected UAV track coordinates by using both RTK and PPK algorithms in the UAV data processing module.

Fast Post-processing Engine 

Users can deliver absolute accurate georeferenced positions with faster, reliable and accurate baseline processing and adjustment algorithms. Just with few clicks, engineers have ability to process GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo static or dynamic data in multiple observation file formats with predefined coordinate systems and multiple manufactures antennas. Intuitive post-processing workflow with quality check, selectable online map and CORS reference data downloading. Auto-saved results in all procedures make data easier to track and export.

More Tools

CGO 2.0 offers access to different tools to make office work easier by using coordinates converter, antenna manager,TIFF map compressor (SIT), angle calculator, distance and volume calculation functions, RINEX converter, observation split and merge tools.

More Intuitive Interface

Users can follow the ease-to-use interface to complete workflow with just minimum training requirements and see

guidance in the user-friendly message box. Ability to customise layout and modules displaying makes the software adapt

to your working habits.

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