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Portable USV solution for bathymetric survey

Featuring triple-hulled and shallow draught design, the APACHE 3 is a portable USV for bathymetric surveys of lakes, inland rivers and coastal areas. Its compact size and light weight (1-meter length and 7 kg without instrument) allow one person to operate the system easily.

Key Features

Lightweight design: APACHE 3 is made of macromolecule polyester carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber-glass (weighting 7 kg without sensors). It allows one operator to cope with most of remote deployment conditions.

Pocket hull structure: With less than 1 m length and triple-hulled vessel design, the APACHE 3 keeps the hull balanced even in the rapid current situation. In the meantime, its unique structure supports operation in shoals, channels and shallow rivers for the bathymetric survey without run aground.

Absolute linear technology: APACHE 3 integrates high precision positioning and heading technology to maintain a perfect straight sailing course even in complex current conditions.

Quad-pole protective design: APACHE 3 is fitted with quad tough and rigid carbon fiber bars installed in the bottom of the hull to protect propellers to get rid of twined by fishing nets and aquatic plants in riverways and shallow water.

The APACHE 3 USV solution embeds the CHCNAV absolute straight-line technology which enables a fully automatic pre-determined course in autonomous mode in adversed current and flow conditions. The survey projects can be completed in both manual and automatic cruise modes with the maximum speeds of 6 m/s and 3 m/s respectively.

Multiple data transfer options are available including the industry standard RS232 as well as TCP protocols with multi-channel and high bandwidth transmission. The APACHE 3 can carry a single beam echosounder,  and GNSS RTK receiver to meet shallow water application requirements.

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