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Featuring triple-hulled and shallow draught design, the APACHE 3 is a portable remote-controlled USV for bathymetric surveys of lakes, inland rivers and coastal areas. Its compact size and light weight (1-meter length and 7 kg without instrument) allow one person to operate the system easily.

Key Features

●Compact size and light weight to allow for one-person operation

● Absolute straight-line technology allowing survey even in strong river current

● Fast speed to complete projects in less time: up to 6 m/s in manual mode and 3 m/s in automatic mode

● Integration of CHCNAV GNSS RTK receiver to provide high-accuracy results in real-time

● Cost-effective turnkey solution with CHCNAV D230 single beam echosounder

The APACHE 3 USV solution embeds the CHCNAV absolute straight-line technology which enables a fully automatic pre-determined course in autonomous mode in all current and flow conditions. The survey projects can be completed in both manual and automatic cruise modes with the maximum speeds of 6 m/s and 3 m/s respectively.

Multiple data transfer options are available including the industry standard RS232 as well as TCP protocols with multi-channel and high bandwidth transmission. The APACHE 3 can carry various instruments such as single beam echosounder, GNSS RTK receiver and other sensors to meet diverse application requirements.

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