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CHC P550

The P550 is a high-end rotor UAV solution with the modular design. The portable ground control station, up to 8 kg payload, the multi-functional carrier which can be applied for photogrammetry, 3D modeling and 3D scanning.

Key Features

● User-friendly - User-friendly flight control software running on tablet PC

Accurate Position - Advanced RTK module to achieve flight position accuracy down to centimetre level

● Precise Flight Control System - Advanced differential conception and high-wind resistant, self-adapting to extreme flight situations

Modular Design - Modular design, quick-assembly and fast parts exchange

Large Capacity - Up to 8 kg payload enables the carry of a Lidar system

The P550 uses high-resistance carbon fiber material that provides stable and flexible design with low noise characteristics. The P550 is suitable to conduct projects in towns and populated areas.

Due to its large capacity, the P550 can perform different tasks. To create a 3D point cloud model, it can carry a laser scanner. 3D photogrammetry is possible with the oblique camera system. For inspection in the construction site or in precision agriculture, users can adopt different DSRL or multi-spectral cameras.

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