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The P2 GNSS sensor is a multi-channel high-precision receiver designed to provide robust centimeter level positioning to static or dynamic applications.

Key Features

All GNSS Constellations - Advanced and field-proven 336-channel GNSS positioning technology supporting all current and upcoming GNSS signals.

Industrial Design - Integrated industrial-grade power management circuit to provide reliable and constant performances in the difficult construction machine environment.

Easy to Install - Connect to the P2 GNSS sensor via industry standard ethernet port and get full control to its configuration via a standard web interface. Virtually no learning curve for the faster integration process.

Extended Connectivity - Rich hardware interfaces make the integration seamless in all applications: serial ports, CAN Bus protocol, RJ45 ethernet connectivity and low latency PPS output.

Integrating the latest GNSS technology in an extremely rugged IP67 and lightweight enclosure, the P2 GNSS sensor is built to withstand the harsh environment and ensure extended performances. Easy to install, its configuration web interface allows seamless integration process to system integrators.

The CHCNAV’s P2 GNSS sensor is the perfect choice for a various range of precision applications: GNSS reference station, marine, industrial automation, robotics…

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